Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cosmopolitan Cafe - Double Bay

The Cosmopolitan Café in Double Bay recently reopened after some renovations in the Cosmopolitan Centre.   I have been there before and to be honest, could not see a noticeable difference in the setup or menu.  There was now a large grand piano which I can’t remember if it was there previously, however it was a nice way to start the day - breakfast with piano music.
As I looked over the menu, I really wanted a nice big cooked breakfast.  As soon as I spotted the hash browns, my mind was set that I needed to have them so I enquired as to whether they were vegan.  I was told that they were cooked in vegetable oil, however it would be up to me to decide whether they were vegan or not.  This was an unfortunately unhelpful answer as with such vague information I had no choice but to turn them down.  Very regretfully.  However, I have since had it verified that the hash browns are indeed vegan.  Next time!
I ended up having the mushrooms on toast with grilled tomato and a soy mocha.  The dish was lovely but should be more accurately called champignons with toast. 

The lunch and dinner menus do not offer a good variety of choices, however there is a lot of scope for breakfast.
Vegan Items on the Menu:
·         Greek Salad (if fetta is removed)
·         Garden Salad
·         Steamed vegetables
·         Marinated Olives
·         Bruschetta Pomodoro (Toasted bread with garlic, tomato, onion and basil)
·         Freshly Cut Fruit Salad
·         Banana Porridge (if made with soy milk)
·         Mushroom on Toast with grilled Tomato
·         Raisin Toast
·         Cinnamon Toast
·         Various types of toast (white, wholemeal, turkish, sourdough, rye)  with jam accompaniments.  Extras can include avocado, mushroom, tomato, hash browns and baked beans. 
·         Variety of hot drinks including coffees, Twinings teas, green teas, Chinese herbal teas.
·         Freshly squeezed and bottled juices
There are possibly more items but I have not been able to verify if they are vegan.  Please feel free to check the menu at http://www.cosmopolitancafe.com.au/images/mainMenu.pdf

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