Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Day Out In Robertson

On Australia Day , which was last Thursday, my family and I drove down to a little town called Robertson in the Southern Highlands. They have set up a facility nearby where you can walk through the canopies of trees so we thought it would be a fun thing to try out.

Before we did that we headed into the main street to find a place for lunch. We spotted a couple of new shops we thought we’d check out. One was an antique shop that had a good variety of wares and was actually reasonably priced. I’m trying not to be such a magpie this year, and limited myself to one item being a New Idea magazine from 1935. I always have fun reading those old magazines. Some articles are so funny and anachronistic while others make me realize that nothing has changed at all. Plus they provided readers with free knitting, crochet AND sewing patterns. New Idea today has nothing on its predecessors! For those of you who are not Australian, New Idea is now a celebrity gossip magazine. The 1935 version did have a “gossip” page but it was so respectfully written that the most “scandalous” items weren’t even scandalous.

We had lunch at the Old Cheese Factory café and then popped into another shop.

I’m not sure exactly how to describe what this shop was, other than totally adorable! Unfortunately, I didn't see a sign of the shop's name and I didn't think to ask. I will when I am next there.

There was a section for herb seedlings, second hand fabrics, new clothes, a table of knitted goods which had a biography of the lady that knits the items, and a grocery section. I like to think that the organic shop I go to do my groceries is local, but this one totally beats it. This is the cutest produce display and I’d be delighted to do a daily grocery shop if this was my local store. Everything is completely fresh and grown in Robertson.

I spoke with the lady at the counter and the plan is to expand an upstairs section to hold regular craft classes. I wish her all of the best of success – we need more local places like this to flourish.

We finished off the day at our treetop walk. What a view.

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