Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tea For Me and Tea For You

I'm normally a Twinings tea drinker but when I was Christmas shopping last year, I discovered a range of teas made by Crabtree and Evelyn. In black teas, they stock English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Afternoon Tea.

As with all Crabtree and Evelyn, they are beautifully and scrumptiously packaged. The black teas come in either a box or a tea caddy tin with Jane Austenesque images that harken back to those twee times when ladies sat in gardens sipping tea while crocheting lace. I immediately bought a tea caddy that came with all three varieties of black tea and then my mum bought me a box of the Afternoon Tea for a Christmas gift.

For those who prefer a herbal tea, they also stock chamomile and peppermint teas which I look forward to trying when I have my stash of tea down. It's a little ridiculous at the moment just how much tea I have!

I must admit that for flavour, I still prefer my Twinings tea, but this is probably purely because of habit. They do taste nice, especially the Earl Grey with the citrusy flavours. This year I aim to widen my tea palette so this is a good start on my journey


  1. I like Twinings too...and PG Tips! Have to say though, those tins are adorable and will be really useful in a knit nook after.

  2. Hehe I was thinking just the same thing about the tin. Very handy for sewing and knitting nick-knacks.

    I haven't heard of PG Tips before. I googled it and the knitted monkey is a cutie!

  3. What beautiful boxes! Good tea from a pretty box is extra special isn't it :)